Frequently Answered Questions

  1. What is AfterWords?

    AfterWords is a web based service that checks in with you on a schedule you set to make sure you are Ok. If something happens to you AfterWords will deliver personalized messages you've configured to the people who need the information they contain.

  2. Why would I want to use AfterWords?

    No one wants to leave unfinished business behind. Let AfterWords deliver all of your important messages and information and help to ensure that doesn't happen.

  3. What can I do with AfterWords?

    AfterWords enables you to deliver important information or messages to family, friends, or anyone at all after you can no longer speak for yourself. Some examples are :-

    • Are your bills all paid online? Send the account login ID's and passwords to your wife.
    • Don't want to leave your Facebook or Twitter account in limbo? Deliver the login information your friends or family and give them a message to post in case something happens to you. Or, simply give them the info to close the account.
    • Got an online investment account set up for a child or parent? Deliver the account info to your mother, father, son or daughter.
    • Do you have money stashed somewhere for emergencies? Tell your spouse which tree in the back yard it's buried under.
    • Been carrying around a regret for years? Send a message and set the record straight.
    • Want to tell that old boss how much you hated every minute you worked for him? Here's your chance to get the last word.


  4. How does AfterWords work?

    Set up an account and then select a Schedule, set up an Executor, and create as many Messages to loved ones or other recipients as you like.

    We will “check your Pulse” according to the schedule you choose.

    If you miss a “Pulse Check” we will become “Concerned” and try to reach you every 48 hours until your chosen schedule tells us to stop.

    One we have been “Concerned” for the number of days set by your schedule we will contact your Executor and ask if something has happened to you.

    If your Executor confirms that something has happened and you are no longer with us we will release the messages you created so your loved ones receive the important information they need to carry on. Or the instructions they need to create a massive, jewel encrusted monument in your honor.

    That’s all there is to it.

  5. How will you know if something happens to me?

    That's what we're all about - we send you a message with a link as often or rarely as you want us to. When you click the link we know you're Ok. If you don't click the link we know something's up.

  6. Who should I choose as my executor?

    Your Executor’s job is important so you should pick a reliable, responsible family member or close friend who you know will be able to confirm that something has or has not happened to you. It is a responsibility they should not take lightly, so pick someone you are sure you can count on.

  7. How much does AfterWords cost?

    AfterWords is free and always will be. We will be offering higher tiers of service in the future with more features and services but there will always be a free option available as well.

  8. How many recipients and messages can I set up?

    As many as you like. We're not counting.

  9. Is my information secure?

    Absolutely. You have two options when creating the messages that will be delivered for you -

    1. You can create standard messages (which are not encrypted or password protected) for information which is not sensitive or does not contain important info like login IDs or passwords. These will be delivered to your recipients without asking for any kind of password to access the message content.
    2. You can create encrypted messages which are password protected as soon as you click the Save button and never stored on our servers in unencrypted form. We can't even read them ourselves, so the only way to open the message is with the password you specified when you created it. Use the encrypted message option to deliver information that you don't want to land in the wrong hands. Just be sure your recipient knows the password, or you both agree on one ahead of time that is easy for them to remember.

    You can also use option 1 to deliver a password hint to someone so they remember what to type in for the password when they receive a message created with option 2, this could ensure the information you want delivered is accessible to the people who need it.

  10. Will my email account's Spam filters catch the Pulse Checks?

    When you create your account we send you a verification email to ensure you are a live person. Because you have to open it and click on the link it contains you will automatically alert your email system that the message came from a safe sender. If you want to be absolutely sure just add this address to your Safe Senders list -

    You can also ask your recipients to add the address to their Safe Senders if you like.

  11. What if one of my recipients change their email address?

    If someone you have as a recipient changes their email address just go in to your Settings page and find the message or messages intended for them. Click the Edit button and then change the address listed for that message. For any additional messages intended for that person simply Lather, rinse, repeat.

  12. Who are you guys?

    We are not the droids you're looking for. Ok, seriously. We're just a couple of geeks who have spouses that aren't. Because so many bills and other accounts are handled online these days it become obvious that we could leave our loved ones in a pinch if they didn't have all of that info documented and easily accessible. Since that's not the kind of stuff you just want lying around we created AfterWords to ensure that all of our important info gets where it needs to go in case of our untimely demise. Or even our timely demise. Either demise leaves a lot of stuff floating around in cyberspace, like Facebook accounts or personal blogs, things that should probably be closed down when we're gone. Hopefully you will find AfterWords to be as valuable of a tool as we do!

  13. I need help with a feature, or I just want to tell you how much I love AfterWords.

    We love AfterWords too! It gives up peace of mind, helps us sleep better, and even gave us all fuller heads of hair. In fact, there are rumors that signing up for AfterWords even makes you more attractive to members of the opposite sex but that hasn't been proven. Yet.

    If you want to drop us a line for any reason at all click HERE and fill out the form, and make sure to hit the Submit button. We will answer your question as quickly as possible - and by quickly we mean within 24 hours, not 24 weeks or after the next presidential election. We want to keep you happy so you'll tell your friends about AfterWords and they can have fuller heads of hair too.

  14. I would like to advertise with AfterWords

    Great! We would love to help you get your message in front of people. Our scheduled pulse checks drop in to all of our user's inboxes every month which makes AfterWords an affordable, cost effective way to ensure your message, promotion, or sale item will be seen by a huge audience. Click HERE to contact us and get the ball rolling.

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